July 2, 2021

Teaching Leads To Healing and Deliverance (Proper 14)

Jesus is commissioning us as His followers to a ministry of teaching, healing and spiritual deliverance. He is teaching us to be humble servants and expect obstacles including pride and ridicule as we speak the truth to the misguided. Paul is teaching us to rejoice in opposition and depend entirely on Holy Spirit.

  1. Teaching leads to experience and faith

We are living in a post-Christendom time when most young people know very little about Christianity. Unlike our ancestors we are in a New Testament time where Christians are different and persecuted:

  • Post-Covid 19 expect a release of anger as we adjust
  • Good news is we ave learned to use social media to    reach out to people outside the church
  • Practice sharing our knowledge and experience
    • Get attention by meeting needs: 
    • Everyone needs Good News of forgiveness and healing:
    • Person who didn’t know what Holy Communion was
    • I came to deeper faith through healing experience 
    • surrounded by confused and wounded people
    • They will believe it when they experience it
    • Always offer to pray for others

2. Faith leads to Healing

Healing depends on an intuitive connection of faith. It is not about knowing theology. It is a personal love / trust relationship with God. This is like a  that acts as a pipeline for the Holy Spirit. As we draw near to the holiness of God we discover our own unholiness - our unhealed and broken self:

  • Jesus healing ministry in Nazareth limited by pride
  • clergy trained in university -some regard with suspicion 
  • CPE instructor said healing prayer was arrogant 
  • My experience gave me faith and inspired others
  • Good news is that this ministry is being rediscovered as more and more people experience healin

3. Healing leads to deliverance

In the Reading Jesus gave his followers “…authority over impure spirits.” (Mark 6.7)  Jesus mission statement from Isaiah expands our Readings short version:

  • Anointed by the Holy Spirit to proclaim Good News
  • Teaching opens spiritual eyes so people see brokenness
  • Teaching sets prisoners to false doctrine free
  • Proclamation releases the SPIRITUALLY OPPRESSED
  • Wholeness Through Christ healing model is:
    • Sin can cause spiritual wounds
    • Spiritual wounds can become doorways for opressing spirits
    • Spiritual oppresion can lead to posession

Healing and deliverance comes from unwinding this spiritual pollution:

    • Repentance, Confession & Absolution can remove sin guilt, 
    • Closes the doorway and stops oppression (spirits can not live in a holy environment - legal thing) 
    • Forgiveness also releases any out any posession
  • It does say Jesus gave us authority over impure spirits
  • Have to see this to believe it 
  • Usually happens at conferences and workshops
  • Story of AA Confession Step 4
    • Came with pile of paper
    • Siin guilt was about 15 sexual relationships
    • Confession & absolution broke power of demonic
    • Prayed for guidance and a vision
    • Vision of him surrounded by women and attached by silver cord
    • Went around and asked each for fogiveness
    • Prayer for all his spiritual garbage to flow to him and all theirs to flow back to them.
    • silver sword to sever link
    • Prayed blood of Jesus to seal the wounds
    • Healing and Joy


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