Healing Ministry

The Ministry of Christian Healing is based on the teaching examples of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. The healing miracles of Jesus in the Bible teach us that God is able to intervene in the physical world and heal both physical sickness and invisible spiritual oppression. This is hard for many people to believe as many church leaders have wrongly taught that the gifts of the Holy Spirit - including healing, were only given for the time of Jesus earthly ministry.

The worldview of Jesus included an invisible spiritual battle with evil spirits or demons, led by Satan who are allowed to deceive and tempt people into rebelling against God. When people do things in rebellion against God they fail to love God and become guilty of sin and separate themselves from the spiritual protection of God. For example if a person drinks too much they could become in rebellion against God. This in turn can wound them and open a spiritual doorway that allows evil spirits to enter them and 'whisper' even louder temptations in their ear. Eventually, a pattern of giving in to temptation may grow so strong as to mentaly oppress or even place the person in spiritual bondage to the pattern of sin.

Sins cause ---> Wounds that can be doorways for ----> Evil Spirits that can cause ---> Spiritual Oppression or Bondages

Christians believe that Jesus death on the Cross created an effective way for individuals to repent, confess and ask for the forgiveness of specific sins. The healing ministry often involves identifying the specific underlying pattern of sin and leading a person through the process of repentance, confession and taking specific sins spiritually to the Cross of Jesus in faith and accepting His forgiveness. This breaks the power of the sin guilt, frees the person from spiritual bondage and restores them to wholeness as in the following model:

Sins Forgiven --- > Wounds Healed ---->  Evil Spirits cast out ----> Bondage's broken

This spiritual worldview has been rejected by many academics and liberal clergy since the Enlightenment which began in 1750. It has been reently rediscovered and described by many well qualified contemporary writers and teachers including:
  • John Sanford - author of "Healing the Wounded Spirit" and "Transformation of the Inner Man", excellent workshop leader and founder of Elijah House Ministries.
  • Charles Kraft - author of "I Give You Authority", "Defeating Dark Angels" and excellent exorcism workshop leader - this is the real deal.
  • Francis Frangiopane - author of "The Three Battlegrounds"
  • Rebecca Brown - author of "He Came To Set The Captives Free" and "Prepare For War" - this is very helpful in understanding cults and Satanists.
  • Joyce Meyer - author of "Battlefield of the Mind" and "Beauty For Ashes"- particularly for victims of sexual and emotional abuse.
  • Gil Stieglitz - "Spiritual Disciplines of a C.H.R.I.S.T.I.A.N." and "Breaking Satanic Bondage's" - excellent basic teachings
  • Isaiah 54 "Masonic Vow Renunciation, Prayers and Petitions see www.isaiah54.org 
I have experience with three excellent organizations involved in the healing ministry:
  1. International Order of St. Luke is a mostly Anglican, parish-based ministry that provides training conferences and basic healing workshops in Canada, Britain and New Zealand
  2. Wholeness Through Christ provides more in-depth training and five day intensive healing workshops at various locations in Canada.
  3. Family Foundations International has developed a range of excellent two-day teaching and healing workshops developed by Craig Hill, based on the wisdom of Old and New Testament principles:
    • Empowering Relationships
    • Covenant Marriage
    • Overcoming Anger
    • Blessing Generations
There is a huge wealth of practical teaching on healing ministry in my recent book: Going Spiritual: Discovering Developing and Healing a Spiritual Life:
  • Chapter 9:
  • Chapter 10:
  • Chapter 11:
  • Chapter 12: