August 24, 2019

Jesus Can Free Us From Bondage (Proper 21C)

The Luke reading (13.10-17) reminds us that Jesus mission to proclaim the good news, open the eyes of the blind and free the prisoners includes freeing those “crippled by a spirit” (v 11). Sadly many in our time do not believe in spiritual warfare and would interpret this as a psychological problem or victory over superstition. One has to be blind spiritually, another form of bondage, to miss the clear meaning of “whom Satan has kept bound for 18 years” (v 16). Other forms of bondage mentioned in the readings are:
  • Fear that almost prevented Jeremiah (1.6) from accepting his call to be a prophet 
  • Legalism that criticized Jesus for healing on the Sabath
  • Religious spirit that prevented the Pharisees and teachers from seeing the love of God