March 16, 2024

Life Through Death Is the Paradox of Christianity (Lent 5)

 A paradox is when a statement that seems to contradict itself is in fact a profound truth. To understand the profound truth of Jesus teaching we need to examine it in the context of both Biblical Prophecy and the dramatic events preceding the teaching. Jeremiah had prophesied that God would establish a new and different covenant with Israel. The Gospel Reading follows the stories of the Raising of Lazarus from death. This gives us hope that we will also be raised from death if we give up our lives in obeying Jesus and serving our neighbour. 

1. Jeremiah prophesied a New Covenant

March 9, 2024

Lent Is A Time to Reconnect with God (Lent 4b)

 John 3.16 summarizes the essence of Christianity. God loves us so much He was willing to give up His only son to be in a relationship of love with us. The problem was God is holy and humans are unholy. The Good News is God loved us so much He created a way for us to be reconnected through faith in the sacrificial death of Jesus.

1.  The Unholy Can Not Be the Presence of the Holy