November 22, 2023

‘We have lost our freedom of speech and religion’

 The National Post published a letter today I submitted last week after watching the Chaplin General of the Canadian Armed Forces "spiritual reflection" that, following Government Guidelines, avoided mentioning God, Jesus, eternal life, salvation - all the words that might 'offend' anyone - except of course Christians. I am trying to get a little name. recognition in the run-up to launching Recovering, Truth, Freedom and Democracy: Challenging Woke Chaos. Its a challenge to the silent majority that exposes the false truths of identity politics that are destroying the foundation of Christian spiritual truths our Western freedom and progressive democracy depends on. The alternative is more chaos and the emergence of a totalitarian leader (Trump?) who will completely end our freedom of speech, and democracy.

‘We have lost our freedom of speech and religion’

Re: Canadian Armed Forces to chaplains — praying is too traumatic for soldiers — Josh DeHaas, Nov. 10

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We know we have lost our freedom of speech and religion in Canada when the Chaplain General of the Canadian Armed Forces is so controlled by government guidelines that he directs military chaplains to not use religious words like God, Jesus, soul, eternal life and resurrection in Remembrance Day “remarks” because a real prayer might offend someone. Did he miss Jesus being crucified for offending those in authority?

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How offensive to say you are honouring those who gave their lives to defend our freedom of speech and religion, when the vast majority of those men were baptized Christians whose hope of eternal spiritual life in Jesus kept them going. They gave their lives for the right to offend and hopefully save non-believers — as did Jesus.

Freedom of speech is the right to say things some may find offensive; that’s how freedom and democracy work. This is woke totalitarianism.

Rev. John Gishler, Calgary

November 18, 2023

Good and Faithful Servants are Light in the Darkness (Proper A33)

     Jesus is continuing His teachings on who is included in the Kingdom on the Day of the Lord or the End Time Judgement. Many people have noticed a frightening new darkness:

·      Gog and Magog -- Russia and Iran (Hamas) were prophesied to attack Israel and are now both in shooting wars

·      China is on the march against Taiwan and killing 70,000 people a year in the U.S. with fentanyl from Mexico

1. Many in our time are like lazy and worthless servant

November 11, 2023

Our Hope Is in Jesus Christ

The Republican Debate last week was a reminder that many people in our time have lost their hope in Jesus, hope in government, hope of peace and hope of prosperity. This is an End Times scenario with Gog – Iran launching a war against Israel via Hamas,  Magog – Russia in a war with the West; and Russia’s ally China in an economic and  deadly fentanyl war with the US. The good news was two candidates advocating recovering the truth foundation of Christian faith our freedom and democracy were built on. ( my current book topic).

Our Readings remind us:

  • Joshua publicly put his hope in the God of his ancestors
  • Believers have the hope and security of eternal life
  • Relationship with Jesus is how to be included in the Heavenly Banquet or Kingdom

1.   Who or What you put your Hope in is important