May 18, 2024

Pentecost: The Work of the Holy Spirit (Year B)


I had an Epiphany moment as I finished the finished the first draft of Recovering Truth, Freedom, and Democracy. I was explaining how the foundation of Judeo-Christian supernatural truths was deconstructed because they contradicted the false truths of extreme liberalism, feminism, and LGBTQ activists. Holy Spirit showed me what the seven lost truths were. The Seventh was “Holy Spirit as the continuing presence of Jesus”.

John 15.16-16.15 for Pentecost Sunday explains the work of the Holy Spirit in helping us see our sin and understand righteousness and divine judgement.


1. The Holy Spirits helps us see our sin (John 16.8)

May 11, 2024

Witnesses To the Resurrection (Easter 7B)

The Readings begin with the choosing of Matthias as a witness who has been with Jesus from the beginning. The First letter of John explains the importance of the testimony of God as a reliable witness who must be trusted. The Gospel Reading (John 17.6-11) is Jesus’ prayer for the Apostles protection as they go out into the world as witness to the Resurrection.


1. Witnesses Know Something Important and Special