May 18, 2024

Pentecost: The Work of the Holy Spirit (Year B)


I had an Epiphany moment as I finished the finished the first draft of Recovering Truth, Freedom, and Democracy. I was explaining how the foundation of Judeo-Christian supernatural truths was deconstructed because they contradicted the false truths of extreme liberalism, feminism, and LGBTQ activists. Holy Spirit showed me what the seven lost truths were. The Seventh was “Holy Spirit as the continuing presence of Jesus”.

John 15.16-16.15 for Pentecost Sunday explains the work of the Holy Spirit in helping us see our sin and understand righteousness and divine judgement.


1. The Holy Spirits helps us see our sin (John 16.8)

Jesus tells the disciples the world is wrong about sin. The teachers of the law taught that sin was a failure to keep the letter of the law. Jesus and Holy Spirit teach us that sin is a failure to love and obey God by believing in Jesus:

·       Most people did not see who Jesus was and believe in Him – the sin of calling God a liar

·       Identifying our sins is not easy. Sins are hidden. 

·       Build up a false self that we are more comfortable with.

·        Our brains help us in this self-deception. 

·       Sin is what is going on in our hearts spiritual rebellion

·       Holy Spirit is our conscience – sense what is going on invisibly inside us.

·       Opens our spiritual eyes so we can see the truth & repent


2. Holy spirits helps us understand right relationships 

Holy Spirit proves the world is wrong about righteousness:

·       Not just right actions – right spiritual relationships

·       God is holy - cannot be near humans full of sin. 

·       The Holy Spirit helps us identify our sin so we can repent  take it to the Cross of Jesus and ask for forgiveness. 

·       Taking our sins to Jesus proves we believe in Him.

·       This creates a spiritually clean place in our personal spirit where the Holy Spirit can come and live. 

·       We can invite Holy Spirit to come and guide us 

·       This is what we mean by being a ‘Spirit filled person’.

·        We are in a right relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit


3. Holy Spirits proves the world is wrong about judgement 

  • Most modern people do not believe in Satan and the demonic – they have failed the test of belief in Jesus
  • Jesus tells His followers that “…the prince of this world now stands condemned.” (John 16.11) 
  • Jesus is claiming a great victory over Satan and the spiritual forces of evil (demons). 
  • Not judged by worldly success and good behaviour
  • Judged by love of Jesus, following His example.
  • Judged by faith, victories over temptation and self-sacrificial love of neighbour.
  • The work of the Holy Spirit is to guide us and protect us in our short lives on what one teacher has called ‘this demon infected planet’. 


Wise Christians depend on Holy Spirit as the continuing presence of Jesus to:

·       Open our spiritual eyes and see our sin.

·       Understand how to take it to Jesus for forgiveness and remain in right relationship with Jesus

·       Guide them, protect them, and heal them as they prepare for divine judgement and eternal spiritual life of joy.

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