May 11, 2024

Witnesses To the Resurrection (Easter 7B)

The Readings begin with the choosing of Matthias as a witness who has been with Jesus from the beginning. The First letter of John explains the importance of the testimony of God as a reliable witness who must be trusted. The Gospel Reading (John 17.6-11) is Jesus’ prayer for the Apostles protection as they go out into the world as witness to the Resurrection.


1. Witnesses Know Something Important and Special

Witnesses to the ministry and Resurrection of Jesus know who Jesus is:

·      The prophesied and long-awaited Messiah

·      The fully human and fully divine Son of Mary and God

·      A sufficient, sinless human-divine sacrifice for the sins of the world

·      The Resurrection was God’s testimony that Jesus sacrificial death was accepted as payment for the sins of believers who came to Jesus.


2. Witnesses to The Resurrection Are United to God

Witnesses are also united with each other because they are united to Jesus. The theology of the trinity is simple but sounds confusing to our human rational minds.

·      God the Father has given all He has to Jesus.

·      Jesus has given all He has to the Apostles.

·      Witnesses are united in knowledge, love, and loyalty.

·      They are not “of this world” – they are witnesses of God to this world.

·      Christian witnesses’ real life comes from Jesus.

·      Christians real life is their Holy Spirit led spiritual life.



3. Christian Witnesses Need Protection & Courage

The entire Gospel reading is a prayer for the protection of the Apostles. It is what we would call a sermon prayer – a prayer addresses to God but intended to teach those who heard it.

·      Jesus talks about how His followers ‘belong spiritually to God’.

·      They have been tested and seen to be obedient and loyal.

·      Their hearts – personal spirit and soul belong to God.

·      They do not belong, like many in the world, to Satan.

·      From the evil one’s perspective, they are spies and enemies spreading truth and freeing people from evil.

·      Deliver us from evil is a cry for help and rescue.

·      Christian witnesses are attacked because they are dangerous – to the evil one and those he has deceived.

·      Witnesses need to be united and resist the deceptions of the Evil One.

·      Witnesses need to immerse themselves in Bible reading and prayer.

·      Lucille and I pray on the Armour of God (Ephesians):

·      The Helmet of Salvation to protect our minds from deception.

·      The breastplate of righteousness to protect our hearts.

·      The Belt of Truth to hold us together in this confusing time.

·      The Shoes of the Gospel of peace so we are not moved off the truth.

·      Sword of the Spirit to beat back the lies of the enemy and protect those we care for.

·      The Shield of Faith to protect us from attack.

·      The Mantle of Praise over us to be a sign of God’s glory in the world.

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