April 3, 2021

Easter - The Good News of Eternal Spiritual Life

 We are all temporaries. The Pandemic has made us more aware of this. We have all been in at least some bondage to fear of death. Those of us who have been vaccinated have sensed a great relief. The Resurrection of Jesus is the Good News that Christian believers will die physically like Jesus, but then be raised to a new form of eternal spiritual life with Jesus in Heaven. There are people among us who have seen heaven. Many have experienced the healing power of forgiveness in Jesus and the joy of this new spiritual life. All Christians are baptized into Jesus Covenant of forgiveness, healing and eternal spiritual life. The Resurrection of Jesus challenges us:

1.    To believe and put our trust in Jesus

2.    To seek forgiveness and healing and grow our spiritual life 

3.    To be witnesses to our own experiences of spiritual life

1. To believe and put our trust in Jesus

March 27, 2021

Palm Sunday - New Covenant of Servant King

 Palm Sunday is a celebration of Jesus “coming out” and revealing His identity as the Servant King. Up to this point He has been keeping under the radar of the Roman and religious authorities,  teaching and healing people in more remote areas. With the raising of Lazarus just outside Jerusalem His identity and authority has become public – and very dangerous. I love  the line  from CS Lewis where Lucy asks if the lion Aslan, who represents Jesus, is dangerous. “Of course He is!!” is the reply. I chose this Feast for my ordination as a priest because it is where Jesus reveals the New Covenant of self-sacrificial love, forgiveness and eternal spiritual life of joy by coming humbly on a donkey as opposed to a king on a horse with an army. 

1. The Servant-King guides believers with the Holy Spirit

December 17, 2020

Conversion Therapy Bill C-6 Legalizes Child Abuse

 Bill C-6 combines criminalizing one-way “forced conversions” of teenagers; with the abusive criminalization of unbiased professional counselling on the benefits and risks involved in gender transitions. This is abusive for the 80 % of teens that transition into a sexual identity other than their birth or heterosexual gender who later have regrets. Bill C-6 criminalizes the unbiased professional counselling and prayer ministry they need because this could eventually “cause” teens to undergo conversion back to their birth or gender identity.

December 8, 2020

Going Spiritual: Discovering, Developing and Healing a Spiritual Life half-price $ 10.00 in December

 For Christmas I am offering my book Going Spiritual: Discovering, Developing and Healing a Spiritual Life for half price - $ 10.00 CDN during December. The postage in Canada is $ 5.00. This will help you get through this difficult time and discover a deeper and richer spiritual life. It describes how the challenges of three life crisis motivated me to read the whole Bible and discover its wisdom through personal experiences of the risen Jesus, Holy Spirit, Satan and healing prayer. This would help both beginners and those who need a comprehensive guide to healing prayer ministry. Details, reviews and a free sample chapter are available on the book page tab above. The eBook is also available from me at half- price $ 4.00 and on Amazon.

December 1, 2020

Conversion Therapy Bill C-9 Legalizes Child Abuse (For 270+ sermons & spiritual teachings use search box)

 “Conversion therapy” is a new term developed by LGBTQ2 advocates. Bill C-6 would define it criminally as “… a practice, treatment or service designed to change a persons sexual orientation to heterosexual (opposite sex attraction) or gender identity to (birth) cisgender, or to repress or reduce non-heterosexual attraction or sexual behaviour.” This is then completely contradicted “clarified” by “… this definition does not include a practice, treatment or service that relates (a) to a person’s gender transition (b) to a person’s exploring their identity or it’s development.” A competent counsellor would realize instantly that (b) “exploring” could easily lead to a voluntary decision on (a) gender transition and “cause” a person to change their gender identity illegally to heterosexual or cisgender (only). This brilliant but devious writing has sadly confused and fooled most our parliamentarians on First Reading. Election victory is more important than protecting children.

November 20, 2020

Adapt Or Die - A Cry For Specific Practical Covid-19 Information (departure from the spiritual to the more practical issues of life)

 It’s a war children - seven times as many Americans have died from Covid-19 as in the Vietnam War. Like the US Marines who are taught to “Adapt or die” in dangerous combat missions. Like them we need some basic practical information on how far the minimum infectious dose can travel in airborne droplets and how long this dose remains infectious on clothing, wood and metal surfaces in order to adapt to our new environment. Lockdowns and isolation have always been temporary measures in order to give the scientists and politicians time to find a way to adapt. It is outrageous that after 10 months of on and off lockdowns, vague strategies and confusing restarts; our political and scientific leaders have not been able to give us the simple basic scientific information we need to adapt to living and working safely in the new Covid-19 era.

November 14, 2020

How To Be People of Light in a Dark Time (Proper 33A)

Last week was probably one of the darkest times in many people’s lives. We have been traumatized by 10 months of fear, isolation, confusion over the Pandemic and the outcome of the US Presidential election. The Readings challenge us to be people of the light in this darkness. We are to have a faith, love and hope that encourages those ensnared the darkness of fear, confusion and hopelessness. Paul teaches us to not be found sleeping when Jesus returns. We are to use the gifts our master Jesus gives us to grow in love, faith and hope by putting on the breastplate of faith and love and the helmet of hope and salvation.

1. What was the darkness that ensnared the "wicked servant"?