January 26, 2024

Healing and Deliverance Ministry Is Dangerous (Epiphany 4b)

 The Readings open our eyes to an Epiphany moment of realizing how dangerous healing and deliverance ministry can be. There is a wonderful line in C.S. Lewis’s story "Prince Caspian". This is a children's story that deals with the struggle between good and evil. Jesus is represented as a lion. Lucy, the youngest girl asks, "is he dangerous?". The reply comes back "Of course he's dangerous". The Gospel reveals a very dangerous side of  Jesus that has been almost lost in our time: (One of my manuscripts 7 lost spiritual truths)

·      Isaiah reminds us that spiritual authority comes from God and is dangerous

·      Paul warns us to be careful in our spiritual lives

·      Jesus teaches us how spiritual authority works in healing and deliverance ministry


1. Spiritual authority comes from God

January 20, 2024

We Are Called to Make Disciples (Epiphany 3, Year B)

 Epiphany moments are a time when we suddenly see something we have not seen before. We are called and anointed by the Holy Spirit to do something new. Jonah is called to go and proclaim a disaster for Nineveh. Paul warns the Corinthians the end time is near, and Jesus calls His disciples to leave their old life and go out and make disciples.


1.  Calling People to let Go of their Old Life

This is the hardest part. We are all very attached to the comfort of our established lives. 

·     Need a motivation – impending disaster, end times

·     Jonah is told to proclaim the fall of Nineveh – he has no idea God’s plan is to get them to leave their lives of sin

·     Jonah is angry with God for relenting – learns humility and compassion

·     My own push came in the form of a political termination at the height of my career as a professional librarian – I was President of the Library Association of Alberta


2.  Calling People into a New Life