June 25, 2021

Holy Spirit Heals Us and Gives Us New Life (Proper 13)

 The Readings remind us that the desire of God’s heart is to have an intimate love relationship with us and to heal us physically and spiritually. We are moving deeper into Pentecost as we are reminded that Jesus ministry consisted of both dramatic supernatural healing and teachings about the supernatural. Fasten your seatbelts as we go deeper than some may have been before:

  • Bible begins with the creation story of God breathing life into the man made of clay - a profound teaching on new life
  • Valley of dead bones - the man prophecies breath into the dead bones to give them new life
  • Jesus raises the dead girl to new life
  • I have seen many miraculous healing - not superstition

  1. Personal Spirit Gives Life to the Body

On the Day of Pentecost the Apostles experienced joy, tongues of fire and the gift of speaking in other languages. When we feel joy in our hearts it may be our personal spirit dancing with the Holy Spirit. When we feel sad or depressed it may be a sign our spirit is troubled. We may have no energy - less life in our body:

  • Our spirit can be polluted by guilt and weakened
  • Holy Spirit can not live on a garbage dump 
  • Why we all need regular forgiveness of sin and healing to clean out the sin pollution in our spirit
  • Need to invite the Holy Spirit into our lives
  • Our spirit can become so polluted it is unable to keep our body healthy and alive
  • Newborn babies that were not held and loved in hospitals have died
  • We need a healthy personal spirit to carry our soul to heaven when our body dies

2. Love is the most common spiritual experience 

In the Readings David had a wonderful love relationship with Jonathan. It was a spiritual bond - not a sexual bond. We can easily confuse love with lust - which is from our body not our spirit:

  • Love is wanting to be with someone - about presence
  • Nickey Gumble uses the story of falling in love with Pippa to explain the Holy Spirit and love.
  • Started with a game of tennis, then drinks, then dinner, then walking and talking all night and going out for breakfast
  • They just needed to be together in the loving presence of the other - felt joy
  • This is the kind of love relationship Jesus wants with each of us - resting in His presence

3. Holy Spirit does heal miraculously

Lucille and I were pushed dramatically into healing ministry when our daughter Mary was born 10 weeks early. I was present and facing a wall chart describing healthy as:

  • Pink to blue in colour
  • Vigorous moving to not moving
  • Breathing to unable to breath
  • Mary was on the wrong end of the chart and put on 98% oxygen - the maximum
  • Our priest and 2 Godparents all arrived at an elevator at exactly the same time - so we had an emergency baptism
  • Friend arranged for a Cursillo team to stop and pray for 10 minutes
  • We prayed, went out for dinner and felt joy
  • Three doctors came in seperatly during the night to tell us Mary was very sick - code for expect the worst in the morning
  • Mary was prayed back to life and attended Holy Cross
  • Mary was on a healing ministry team at a healing conference where they were praying for a woman’s headach - saw the woman’s leg grow 3 inches (one leg was shorter than the other)



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