July 24, 2021

Jesus Still Feeds Our Spiritual Life (Proper 17)

 The Readings remind us that we all depend on Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, to feed us spiritually as well as physically. Sadly many people stumble over the feeding miracle and miss the key spiritual message:

  • Miracle teaches us who Jesus is - the divine Messiah
  • Feeding of 5,000 is a foretaste of the bread and wine of Holy Communion
  • Holy Communion is the covenant meal that connects us and strengthens our love relationship with Jesus
  • Bread is the essential for physical life just as Jesus spiritual body and blood is essential for spiritual life
  • Reminds us and feeds our spiritual life by proclaiming the Good News of forgiveness and reconciliation

2. Forgiveness and Reconciliation opens our Spiritual Eyes

We remain unaware of the supernatural dimension until our spiritual eyes are opened and we see and experience things all through the Bible that nourish our spiritual life:

  • Spirit of God hovering over the waters of chaos
  • Voice of Holy Spirit heard by the prophets
  • Voice of Holy Spirit inspiring men writing the Bible
  • Helps us understand how the supernatural dimension, specifically Satan, can affect our lives in this dimension

3. Holy Spirit Feeds Our Spiritual Life

Ephesians 3.4 reminds us that the desire of God’s heart is to “…strengthen you with power through His Spirit so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.”:

  • Purpose “to know this love that surpasses knowledge.”
  • Holy Spirit is our intuitive intelligence - just know things - not how or why
  • Gifts of Holy Spirit “… fill us with the fullness of God”.
  • Love is the first / most powerful gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Love energizes our spiritual relationship with Jesus
  • Love energizes our body and keeps us physically alive
  • Joy - spiritual gift beyond the emotion of  “happiness” 
  • Peace - “peace that passes all understanding”
  • Guides and convicts us of sin - our conscience
  • Comforter - gives us comfort in grief
  • Healing - heals our spiritual and physical wounds
  • Wisdom - people get words of knowledge or prophecy
  • Faith - grows as we experience the Holy Spirit in life

We get different gifts intentionally - so nobody gets prideful and so we all need a church community where all the gifts may be present.

Good News is Jesus Still Feeds Our Spiritual life

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