February 18, 2023

Experiences of God's Glory Give Us Hope (Transfiguration)

 The supernatural worldview of the Bible has been lost to many in the Church. The power of God and the glory of God has been lost and forgotten. For many people Christianity has been reduced from a revealed religion to a philosophy of life. This has made us weak and ineffective. We all need experiences of the power and glory of God to give us hope in this dark time. The good news is that the Bible is full of examples and teachings that help us grow spiritually from knowing about Jesus to experiencing Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Our ministry is to share this good news and give those around us hope.

1.   The Hebrews Experienced God’s Glory

The Hebrews were chosen and formed as God’s people through individual experiences of God’s power and glory. Moses was transformed from an exiled Egyptian prince into a powerful liberator of the Hebrew people:

·     He became God’s spokesman in warning the Egyptian Pharaoh of plagues until he released the Hebrew slaves.

·     Hebrew people saw the glory and power of God in the pillar of fire by night and cloud by day 

·     Miracles of parting of Red Sea, water from a rock, manna and quail 

2.   The Apostles Experiences and Showed God’s Glory

Peter, James and John saw Jesus cloths and face change to reveal the Glory of God. Being transformed as a sign of God’s glory is our goal as Christians:

·     Apostles heard the voice of God affirming Jesus and telling them to listen to Jesus. They had already seen the healing miracles of Jesus

·     These experiences Transformed them from humble fishermen into courageous and unstoppable evangelists

·     Overcame their fear of persecution, stepped out in faith 

·     Discovered Holy Spirit could perform miraculous healings through them

·     People who were healed and those who saw the glory of God became strong members of the growing church

3.   All Christians Can Experience and Show God’s Glory

Just as God was training Moses to lead the Hebrews through signs of God’s power and Glory, Jesus was training His Disciples how to share the Good news of forgiveness, healing and eternal spiritual life. 

·     Experiences of Gods power and glory strengthen our faith and give us courage to proclaim the Good News

·     Experiences of Holy Spirit help us understand and believe in Jesus and the Holy Spirit

·     Experiencing the supernatural helps us understand and believe in the supernatural worldview of the Bible

·     Bible study moves beyond the literal understanding of the Bible to a deeper spiritual understanding of the Bible

·     Experiences of the Glory of God affirm the truth of the Bible

·     This deeper personal Faith gives us the hope we need in this dark and pagan time

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