September 28, 2018

Free Download of Chapter 8: Developing a Spiritual Life

We are excited to announce that a free sample chapter of Going Spiritual: Discovering, Developing and Healing a Spiritual Life is now available for download as an EPUB3. This is the format required by Ingram Spark for distribution through Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and most other formats. Please let us know if you have trouble downloading and we will send you another format. I am working hard to get the whole book out through Ingram in the next few weeks.

"Developing a Spiritual Life" is Chapter 8 and explains the four pillars or characteristics of thriving churches that help people develop a healthy and balanced spiritual life:

  • Community
  • Orthodoxy
  • Relevance and
  • Outreach
These four characteristics of thriving churches are based on the Canadian research of Don Posterski and Irwin Barker, published in Where's a Good Church (Winfield BC: Wood Lake Books 1993). I attended a workshop by Posterski in Toronto at the beginning of my ordained ministry that year and share what I learned about how achieving the right balance and emphasis is critical to spiritual growth and church growth:
To read or download the sample chapter copy and paste the link below into your address bar, click on address bar then open the file in an ebook reader. Leave a comment if you have trouble or contact the publisher - Gishler Group @goingspiritual.

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