September 19, 2018

Exciting Book Review of Going Spiritual: Discovering, Developing and Healing a Spiritual Life

Neil Campbell, the Canadian Co-ordinator of Family Foundations International, has just written an exciting review of my Going Spiritual: Discovering, Developing and Healing a Spiritual Life. It is so much better than I could have written myself that I am sharing it exactly as submitted. Neil is the Family Foundations International workshop leader mentioned in the book, has an international reputation as a leading teacher of inner healing and deliverance ministry and has been my teacher.

Book Review by Neil Campbell: 
Going Spiritual is written in layman’s language and is designed to help the reader in their journey to spiritual growth and inner healing.   Rev. Gishler is an ordained Anglican priest who has managed to balance the rich tradition of Anglican liturgy with a sound biblical view of inner healing and authentic Christian community.  Rev. Gishler breaks the myth of extreme liberalism and mental strongholds that have deeply weakened the mainline churches as they have abandoned   orthodox Christian teaching and beliefs.   John’s transparent revelation of his own spiritual journey from self deception to wholeness and healing puts a personal touch on what is often a difficult subject to explain.   He does a masterful job of  explaining the weakness of focusing on the gospel of Salvation without incorporating the life long work of sanctification which includes  nurturing the wounded soul (inner healing) and nurturing a deep spiritual life lived in the context  of authentic community.

“Going Spiritual” guides the reader as to where their may be self deception and other spiritual strongholds that are holding the follower of Jesus, back from finding their true identity and freedom from spiritual bondages and sin patterns.   He moves the reader from the head to the heart to walk in a deeper love relationship with the Father through a personal encounter in the spiritual disciplines and exposure to different inner healing ministries.

As the Canadian director of Family Foundations Canada we have seen the flood gates of gender confusion, the break down of marriage and of the family over the past 30 years.   The answer to helping people who are broken in their lives is not to just accept and endorse their lifestyle (extreme liberalism) in the name of love.    Rather we are called to  a radical shift in our thinking to “love the person” and “hate the sin” in order to bring them to repentance and into a healthy relationship with the Father.

My prayer for you who are about to read this book is that you will find hidden treasures and that the Holy Spirit will expose hidden defects in your foundation in order to deepen your inner man!  John says it best “Going Spiritual is a life long process of discovering, developing and healing our spiritual life”.   What this world needs now is a love that is willing to go deeper and to allow the fruit of that love to bring freedom and restoration to relationships, people and those around us.


Neil Campbell
Canadian Director 
Family Foundations Canada

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