May 13, 2023

Holy Spirit is the continuing presence of Jesus (Easter 6A)

 Jesus is preparing His Disciples for His Death, Resurrection, Ascension and the Coming of Holy Spirit at Pentecost. They are frightened and are going to feel abandoned in a world that is very hostile and dangerous. He comforts them by saying He is going away to prepare a place for them where they can all be together. He will send “another advocate” to continue His work of guiding them and helping them prepare for their own death, resurrection into eternal spiritual life of joy. The advocate will be like a modern lawyer who prepares people for a trial and judgement. The advocate will come to those who love Jesus and keep His Command to love one another.


1.   Holy Spirit Comes to Those Who Love Jesus

Jesus, like Father God[ must respect human free will. He cannot force people to love Him. That would not be real love. 

·     Jesus defines this love of Jesus as those who Keep my Commandments.

·     This is a continuation of the Covenant of Moses where the 10 Commandments were tests of our love of God (1-5); and our love of neighbour (6-10)

·     Continuation of Moses telling the Hebrews that God would send another prophet like him.

·      Covenant of Jesus clarified the Command to love God and our neighbour with self-sacrificial love – as Jesus modelled on the Cross

·      Covenant of Jesus added the forgiveness of sins(that had been taken to the Cross by repentant believers)

·      Covenant of Jesus added eternal spiritual life for believers

·      Holy Spirit would help believers examine their lives, repent sins, become healed and holy enough to be in God’s presence


2.   Holy Spirit Will Live in Us

Jesus uses the word “in” often. We need to know that the Greek language has a Dative case which means physically inside. It’s not a typo:

·     Jesus is explaining the intimate love relationship between us and the Holy Spirit and between Jesus and the Father

·     If we love Jesus and keep His commands, we will repent and confess our sins; take them to the Cross in the Confession and Absolution process and purify our personal spirit and souls

·     We can then invite Holy Spirit to come into this sanctified place and live in us – must respect our choice


3.   Holy Spirit Continues Jesus Work of Sanctification

Jesus tells the Disciples He will send “another advocate”:

·     An “advocate” is a lawyer who prepares someone for judgement in a trial

·     Holy Spirit will guide us in life

·     Convict us of unrepented sin in self-examination

·     Free us from spiritual bondage – addictions, habits

·     Heal us from sickness and physical and spiritual wounds

·     Comfort us when we are in grief

·     Give us the spiritual gifts we need for an eternal spiritual life of love, joy and peace:

o  Love, joy and peace

o  Patience, perseverance

o  Words of knowledge / truth

o  Tongues – our prayer language


Holy Spirit is the continuing presence of Jesus – We are not alone!

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