December 24, 2022

Amazing Conversations at Jesus Birthday Party

 Our Anglican Holy Communion Service is like a birthday party. We gather and talk about someone (3 Readings), re-connect with each other (Confession and Absolution), have gifts (offering) a special meal (Eucharist) with a special prayer and song (Lord’s Prayer). Let’s start by talking about Jesus and getting to know him better:

1. Isaiah (7.10-17) Talks about an Amazing Sign from God

It is an amazing sign, prophesied 700 years before Jesus was born – a virgin will get pregnant and have a baby. There is no mention of who the father is. Who do you think the father will be?

What does this tell us about Jesus?


2. Luke (2.1-20) is the Amazing Story of Jesus Birth

It’s amazing because Mary is pregnant but not married. This was unacceptable and punishable under Hebrew Law. It is also amazing that Joseph would have a pregnant woman ride 90 km on a donkey to Bethlehem when she did not have to be there to be registered. It is also amazing that there was no room for them in the inn – Middle Eastern hospitality requires everyone to provide hospitality to visitors. Something is going on that nobody is talking about. What do you think the problem is?:

Would Joseph’s relatives kill her for disgracing the family if he left her behind?

Would the relatives have sent word to the inn not to welcome her?

Why did Joseph not marry her?

Who do you think the Father of Jesus was?

If God the Holy Spirit is the father of Jesus, does that make Jesus fully God?


3.   Titus (2.11-14) Gives Us the Good News of Jesus

Titus uses some big words. They are amazing and probably the most important words you will ever hear:

·     Jesus gives us “Grace” – what is the grace of God?

·     Why do we need grace or forgiveness?

·     Can people who break God’s rules be with Jesus in Heaven?

·     Jesus is our saviour – what does this mean?

·     If God was the father of Jesus, could He give up His life to give us the grace of forgiveness we need to be with Jesus in Heaven?

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