November 26, 2022

Hope Calls Us to Wake Up and Be Ready (Advent 1A)

We live in a time like Isaiah when most people have become distracted and lost their faith in God. They have no fear of God’s judgement, no hope for eternal spiritual life in Jesus. We are a faithful remnant waiting for Jesus to return in Glory to judge humanity and restore His Kingdom on Earth. The Good News is that we are a people who have faith and a real hope that this will come soon and include us. The Readings remind us to put off deeds of darkness and cloth ourselves with Jesus and His armour of light.

1.    Isaiah Gave Israel the Hope of Restoration

Isaiah was written in 800 BC to warn Israel that they had broken the Covenant of Moses and disaster was coming. He gave them the hope that God would restore Israel:

  • ·     The Mountain of the Lord – Temple & Authority of God would be re-established
  • ·     He will teach us His ways
  • ·     The Law will be restored in Israel
  • ·     Law / Order / Rule of God will spread out over nations
  • ·     They had hope

2.   Jesus: Promise to Return and Restore God’s Kingdom

Matthew 24 reminds us that just as God had restored Israel after the Babylonian Captivity, He will come at the end of time – the Day of the Lord:

  • ·     A time of final judgement and restoration of God’s Kingdom
  • ·     Will come suddenly, unexpected like a thief
  • ·     Must be ready at all times – Watch, stay awake

3.   Paul: How to Wake Up, Watch and Be Ready:

1)  Put aside deeds of darkness:

·      carousing,

o  drunkenness, 

o  sexual immorality, 

o  dissention, 

o  jealousy 

o  make us UNHOLY – unable to be in God’s presence


2)  Put on armour of light OR “Take up weapons of the Lord Jesus Christ” (holiness, right-relationship):

o  Helmet of salvation – forgiveness in Jesus to protect our mind

o  Breastplate of righteousness – right-relationship to protect our heart

o  Belt of truth – Holy Spirit of truth, the Word – to hold us together in confusing times

o  Shoes of Gospel of peace – so we are not moved into false beliefs

o  Take up sword of Holy Spirit – Spirit of Truth to beat back the lies of the enemy (i.e. deception)

o  Shield of Faith –forgiveness and right-relationship in Jesus to protect us from attacks of the enemy

o  Mantle of Praise as a sign of God’s glory in the world so evil spirits flee, cannot be around


Hope calls us to wake up and be ready!! 

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