August 18, 2022

Deliverance from Masonic Oaths and Curses (Zoom talk notes Aug. 18 2022 by Fr. John Gishler))

 1.    Introduction to Freemasonry

Freemasonry is an ancient pagan religion that can be traced back to the mysterious ancient associations of master builders in Egypt who built the pyramids centuries before Moses. They use mysterious words that they claim to be from “ancient Egyptian” – which modern language scholars say never existed. Freemasonry blinds, deceives and binds members to secrecy with powerful satanic oaths and curses as they progress through 33 degrees of spiritual cleansing and ‘enlightenment’. Masons believe in brotherly love and model this better than many Christians – but only to other masons and their families. As we will see in the comparison Table, they do not believe in salvation through Jesus but salvation through man-centred enlightenment and moral self-purification. Masons have a ‘corrected’ bible, consider themselves Christian and are drawn to the ritual of Anglican Churches. A Nineteenth-Century Anglican Commission conclude that Freemasonry is incompatible with Christianity. They are drawn to power and control and are often on Anglican vestries. Freemasonry is based on witchcraft that blinds and corrupts good men who then pass the sin-guilt from their oaths and curses down the family line.


2.    Table of Masonic and Christian Beliefs and Practices[1]

   Salvation through moral self-perfection            Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ

(Jesus is the part of God that lives in us and                          

was stolen to make a false God)                                 Jesus as Savior


Character determines destiny                                     Faith determines destiny


   Spiritual growth through the advancing through        Spiritual growth through Bible Study,            33 Degrees of Masonic enlightenment – rituals,                prayer, self-examination, Confession and Masonic teachings, promises and oaths                              the forgiveness of sin


·      Progress through degrees likened to laying 

the stones of the Temple built by Solomon


·      Masonic gravel – to symbolically chip away     Holy Spirit convicts and guides

Moral imperfections


·      Masonic trowel – to spread Masonic word        Evangelism – go into all the world

and join all men as equal brothers


·      Plumb line – straightness, moral uprightness    Bible and Holy Spirit guide Christians


·      Square – ensures law, order of relationship       Jesus the teacher and final judge

between building angles and masons 


·      Letter G – Masons must believe in God or can be 

Great Architect or designerof the universe                  God is the creatorof the universe                                                                                                                                            


1.    Preparation for Renunciation and Deliverance

·      Deliverance is very spiritually dangerous – there may be serious consequences

·      Ministry needs the focussed prayer coverage of an experienced prayer group

·      Team doing ministry would ideally prepare with Holy Communion, prayer and fasting

·      Demons can attach to anyone who gives them “rights” through un-confessed sin guilt

·      Expect spiritual confusion and opposition – be well rested, focussed and “stay sharp”

·      Begin with prayer (see Masonic Vow Renunciation, Prayers and Petitions)[1]and invoking the presence of the Holy Spirit

·      Verbally take authority in Jesus’ name as a born-again Christian believer

·      Have an unhurried and prayerful conversation with the person to discern what the Holy Spirit is saying – i.e. has a Masonic oath, curse or spiritual oppression been passed down a family line and inherited or is the person the first Mason in the family? – or is it non Masonic sin guilt that can be dealt with through regular Confession and Absolution

·      The supernatural dimension works on very legalistic grounds so it is important to try and find out exactly how far an ancestor may have gone – i.e. 1 St. Degree Entered Mason to 33 Degree Worshipful Master


2.    Standing as Proxy

·      If the person suspects they have inherited something from an ancestor they can ask Jesus to let them stand as a proxy and renounce the specific oath or curse the ancestor put on himself and his decedents

·      Renouncing the oaths and curses breaks the power or “demonic rights” of the sin-guilt being passed down the family line

·      Family is protected by praying the Cross between the ancestor and family line and praying the blood of Jesus over the family line

·      Remember the person stays in proxy until the deliverance is completed then must pray themselves out 


3.    Masonic Vow Renunciation and Deliverance Ministry

·      The opening prayers and renunciations for specific degrees are available in various formats on the internet[2]

·      Check the internet for alternative forms as material may have been added – we have done both a 14 page and a 5 page version

·      Read the oaths and curses through carefully and slowly before the ministry so the person is fully aware of what is coming and is mentally and spiritually present

·      Spiritual deliverance is a very specific legal process so do not skip names and words

·      General practice is to read it over then hand it to the person who must have forgiven the ancestor generally and then pray slowly through the relevant renunciations

·      Pause between each paragraph and listen for further guidance from the Holy Spirit – words or sins may float into your mind which need to be dealt with through additional Confession and Absolution and the Acceptance of forgiveness

·      Other Resources include Encyclopedia of  Freemasonryby Albert Mackey, ADictionary of Freemasonry by Robert Macoy, Healing the Family Tree by Dr. Kenneth McAll, the Healing section of www.spirituallifeteaching.infoand my book Going Spiritual: Discovering, Developing and Healing a Spiritual Life

[1[Based on Jack Harris. Freemasonry. (New Kensington, P.A.: Whitaker House 1983)

2]www.isaiah54.orgdownloaded Oct 20-12

[3]Ibid. and

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