May 16, 2020

We Will Come To You (Easter 6a)

(Home Communion video will be available on John Gishler Youtube channel May 16

Jesus is preparing His followers for the traumatic experiences of His death, Resurrection and Ascension (John 14.15-21). The death and Resurrection of Jesus shows us what believers go through at death. It authenticates the whole Covenant of Jesus and His teachings as of divine authority. The Good News is that we are not abandoned – God is with us always in the form of the Holy Spirit with all the power and authority of Jesus.

1. “Because I live you also will live” (v. 19)

Our greatest fear is death. We push it away with distractions but in this time of pandemic we are all more conscious of our mortality. The Good News Christians bring to this time is that death is a false ending.
The Resurrection of Jesus authenticated His Covenant with us:
·      Those who love and obey the commands of God will be raised to a new eternal spiritual life of love, joy and peace
·      This is what Jesus shows us in the Resurrection
·      Jesus modelled self-sacrificial love of others and obedience to the will of God
·      10 Commandments teach us how to test our love
·      We will live because Jesus was raised from death

2. “If you love me” Father will send the Holy Spirit (v. 15)

Jesus is also preparing believers for Pentecost. The gift of the Holy Spirit is conditional and a sign of our inclusion in the Kingdom.
·      We have false teachers who say God’s love is unconditional so we don’t have to repent sins
·      Problem is the Holiness of God – God loves us yes but God is like a holy fire – sin-guilt would be like gasoline so we could not survive in a holy environment
·      Exodus 32, 33 teach us that God’s anger will break out and destroy people who do not love and obey Him
·      We live in a post-truth culture and need a spiritual guide – like Jesus to help us discern the truth
·      Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth – get comfort, healing, words of knowledge and prophecy
·      Holy Spirit convicts us of what separates us from God - sin and moves us to repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness
·      Forgiveness of sins is the essence of Christian faith

3. Holy Spirit is “another advocate” (v. 16)

Jesus is teaching us to take the long view. Why do we need “another advocate”?
·      OT is full of warnings about the End Time or Day of the Lord when each person will face God’s judgement
·      Bad news is we will have Satan standing beside us as prosecutor listing all our sins (yes children Satan is real)
·      Good news is we will have Jesus on the other side of us replying over and over – “I gave my life for that sin”.
·      We all need another advocate who can prepare us for this by showing us our hidden guilt
·      After 40 years of experience with the Holy Spirit in healing ministry Lucille and I are still uncovering the hidden sins that have polluted and robbed our spiritual lives.

The Good News of Easter is He will come and save you!

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