June 16, 2018

Holy Spirit Needs To Direct and Rule Our Hearts (Proper 11)

 The Collect for this Sunday reminds us to pray that the Holy Spirit may in all things direct and rule our hearts. This is a huge challenge for us all as we have been given complete freedom by God. We can choose to ignore and disobey God at any point in our lives. This is the price God was willing to pay, in order to have a genuine love relationship with us. This freedom is what gets us into trouble in choosing between what those around us in the world expect and what God hopes for. The readings teach us the difference between what we can call worldly values and the spiritual values of being directed by the Holy Spirit.

1.     David is chosen because his heart was humble
This teaches us the contrast between human worldly values and God’s spiritual values.

     World values big and strong - God values love, humility and service
     World values materialism - God values love and sacrifice
     World values aggression - God values humility and service

2.     Jesus is honoured because his heart was ruled by God
     God gives us freedom to choose - Jesus gave up that freedom to obey God
     World puts self first - Jesus put others first
     World demands justice and pays back - Jesus offers forgiveness
     World focuses on “my life” - Jesus gave up his life so we could have an eternal spiritual life with Him

3.     Holy Spirit makes things happen invisibly
The parable of the mustard seed teaches us that size and appearance are not as important as what is inside. Like us the mustard seed has a hidden potential. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to direct and rule our hearts in order to realize our potential:
     Experiencing Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the demonic changed my life completely
     I would never have thought I was destined to be a priest until I learned to listen to the Holy Spirit
     I could not preach about spiritual life without the guidance of the Holy Spirit
     I would never have written “Going Spiritual” without the guidance of the Holy Spirit
     I continue to depend on the Holy Spirit to direct and rule my heart

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