October 24, 2015

Mission Is To Boldly Proclaim Forgiveness, Healing and Freedom In Jesus Name (St. Luke's Day, Oct. 18)

We are a confused and deceived people living on a demon infested planet surrounded by lies and half truths. As Paul warns Timothy in commissioning him for ministry, false teachers have arisen in the Church to fill itching ears with what they want to hear - as opposed to the truth of our need for forgiveness, healing and freedom from spiritual oppresion. For example the clergy who selected the Timothy Reading for St. Luke’s Day deliberately omitted the first four verses of Chapter 4 – the key warning about false teachers. Many in our churches have failed to “fight the good fight” , “endure hardship” and “do the work of an evangelist” (2 Timothy 4.5, 7). In contrast, in our Readings Jesus reads the Isaiah (61.1-2) Prophecy and begins by stating that this Prophecy is fulfilled in their hearing. Jesus is claiming His destiny as Saviour and teaching us His Mission or Plan of ministry. All of Jesus ministry was related to healing the separation of individuals from God and others by speaking the truth to the half-truths destroying spiritual life and imprisoning people in false teachings. We all need to get back to Jesus authentic plan of ministry!

1. “The Spirit of the Lord is on me because He has anointed me to proclaim Good News to the poor.”
Jesus ministry is anointed and guided by the Holy Spirit. We have in our time many false teachers and self-appointed ministers. These people have no authority or power from God. False teachers are hard to identify as they generally speak in platitudes about love that sound good but are just a little off. They rarely talk about healing as this would involve the supernatural Biblical worldview and spiritual warfare which they generally regard as mythical. Teachers anointed by the Holy Spirit have the truth and proclaim it fearlessly:
  • Good News is that Jesus (only) is the way to spiritual life with God – when un-saved people die they are physically and spiritually dead
  • God came to us in the form of Jesus and gave up His human life so that all who believe in Him could have eternal spiritual life (John 3.16)
  • Believing in / trusting in the work of Jesus on the Cross is what enables us to be free from the power of sin-guilt that pollutes our souls and prevents us from being in relationship with God
  • Hearing this Good News and deciding to put our trust in Jesus connects us to Him and enables Him to send the Holy Spirit
  • Holy Spirit opens our spiritual eyes to understanding the Bible and how things work in the spiritual dimension – including healing
  • Words have power – to curse or bless in the metaphysical dimension
  • Physical Healing is a prayer ministry that includes speaking words of healing to their body or sickness – “ear be opened”, “little girl get up”
  • Healing oil can also be used by clergy to anoint people for healing
  • Sin-guilt can weaken a body - need ministry in identifying, repenting, confessing the sin and hearing the audible words of forgiveness
2. We are “Sent to proclaim freedom for the prisoners”
Speaking the truth boldly leads to freeing the prisoners to half-truths and deceiving spirits (pride, lust, anger etc.). While Jesus cared about those imprisoned in physical jails, His primary concern was for people who were in the mental or spiritual prisons of false teachings and half-truths;
  • For example if we teach that only people who attend our church, are baptized and follow all our rules are “saved” - we have put them in a religious or mental prison.
  • For example many people have subconsciously believed a lie about what God thinks of them (“very good” Genesis 1.31) or created them to be – i.e. not wanted / not good / a failure
  • Believing these lies about God or what God created is a sin that separates people from God, destroys lives and needs to be repented and taken to the Cross to break its spiritual and psychological power.
 3. To Proclaim “Recovery of sight for the blind & set the oppressed free”
Speaking the truth opens our spiritual eyes. Jesus is almost always using examples from the physical world to explain how the supernatural dimension operates. The supernatural is an area where many clergy fear to tread. Many have been deceived by false (more liberal) teachers who deny the power of spiritual forces of evil (Ephesians 6.12) that deceive and oppress people. The Good News that we need to proclaim is that those who believe in Jesus may also receive spiritual wisdom and be anointed with authority to proclaim freedom for people under spiritual oppression:
Sins pollute our souls, give demons the right to lie / oppress us
  • Repeated sin can develop into a pattern of spiritual pollution that can act as a doorway for oppressing spirits of sickness, addiction etc.
  • Good News is the truth that if people turn back to Jesus in Faith and go through the self-examination, repentance and acceptance of forgiveness healing process; their sin-guilt is removed, oppressing spirits lose their right to oppress and can be commanded to leave
4. Jesus Mission / Plan of Ministry is to boldly proclaim the Good News
Clergy and leaders in some churches have been confused and deceived by false teachers into abandoning the Healing Ministry. Our mission needs to be the recovery of a serious healing ministry based on anointed teachers boldly proclaiming:
  • Eternal spiritual life and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to those who love and believe in the sacrificial death / Resurrection of Jesus
  • Forgiveness of sins to those who repent and come to Jesus!
  • Physical and Spiritual Healing and Freedom through the working of the Holy Spirit!

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