March 27, 2015

Healing Miracle in Mexico – Thank You For Praying For Marguerite!

I just got off the phone from my favourite Sister-in-Law. It was an overwhelming experience as a month ago I had been about to pay $ 500.00 to get an emergency passport so I could fly to Mexico and help in a very stressful and confusing situation. Marguerite had been admitted to hospital there and diagnosed with severe dehydration, pneumonia and a blood clot on her lung. She was moved by ambulance a hundred miles first to one hospital for emergency life-saving surgery then to another for assessment and critical care nursing. Her heart stopped three times and she was revived three times and put on life support. She was in a coma for three weeks while we arranged for three churches and the Diocese of Calgary Cursillo community to pray urgently. I said masses at St. Cuthbert’s, Sundre; St. Edmunds, Calgary and with the Intercessors Group meeting in our home.
We were receiving frantic emails from her companion Harriet who was heroically coping with doctors and staff who spoke little English, told her everything was fine and insisted on being paid thousands of dollars in cash. Harriet’s emails mentioned “bleeding on the brain” which we assumed was ominous. I actually called a funeral home in Calgary to inquire about bringing a body home. Marguerites other faithful friend Barb was in Peace River trying frantically to contact her doctor who commutes for a week from Victoria. She had to prove to the insurance company that this was not a pre-existing condition, which would invalidate Marguerites trip insurance. There was also anxiety over Marguerites personal directive which specifically said no artificial means were to be used to keep her alive unless there was a reasonable hope she would make a full mental recovery. Fortunately the doctors, being unable to really communicate with Harriet and Barb, put Marguerite on a ventilator and saved her life.
The next turning point came when Marguerite’s doctor returned and confirmed to the insurance company that she had recently had a checkup and had been cleared to fly. The insurance company stepped in, arranged an airvac to Edmonton and found her a critical care bed. She has since had the breathing tube removed, made a miraculous recovery and gone home to rest and recover in Peace River. There is still a way to go but it has been a wonderful experience to talk to her and hear her acknowledge that this indeed was a healing miracle. Thanks be to God – and all those who prayed for her and the doctors! We have all been richly blessed this Easter!

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