October 27, 2014

We Should All Feel Shame! (letter to National Post re shooting in Ottawa)

Mrs. Bibeau (October 27) is not alone. We have all probably failed to give our children the instruction and guidance they need to survive in a deceitful world and have a meaningful life. Her son was not ‘crazy’ when he went on a shooting rampage in Parliament as Dr. Frances noted. He was misguided. In fact he was born into a culture that is seriously ignorant and misguided in the area of religion. His life, like the lives of many people, had no meaning or purpose. We have inherited a post-Christian culture in which many people have lost touch with their Christian roots. Many Christians have been misguided by Liberal Protestantism’s denial of an active spiritual force of evil in the world.  Many parents do not have a faith – any faith, to pass on to their children. Schools do not teach the basics of Christianity and the Great Religions. The consequence is young people searching for and finding meaning for their lives in a Satanic religion of violence and conquest. We all need to wake up and smell the gun smoke.  Our schools need to teach the basics truths of all the Great Religions to give young people hope, meaning , context and the basic knowledge they need to resist misguided religious teachers - and get over their fear of offending someone!

 P.S. The meaning of life is to love God and enjoy God forever.

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